Bioenergetic Testing

NES Infoceuticals characterize a quantum leap in helping you realize optimum very well-currently being. These are liquid energetic cures 'imprinted' with helpful bio-data. Infoceuticals can address concerns in the energetic method from the ground up, assisting to suitable blockages, errors and imbalances which could affect your General Bodily and psychological ailment.

They are created to be taken at your house within an ongoing a person time each day protocol. Their good results lies in correctly matching an Infoceutical (cure) to a selected organ, system or sub-method of the body. The main advantages of the Infoceutical lies during the imprinted information and facts. Infoceuticals contain filtered water and plant derived micro-minerals. These micro-minerals would be the substances imprinted With all the corrective bio-data.

The imprinted data while in the Infoceutical solution is straight away absorbed into your body-discipline. It then interacts right with your body-area to aid address blockages or distortions correlated to physical, psychological, environmental, smog air pollution, and chemical toxins. Clearing such blockages and distortions assists restore the body's balance and enhances its inherent therapeutic qualities - normally considerably click here outside of what we commonly knowledge with our chronically compromised bodies.

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